Chairman's Message

There is so much of advancement made in the field of Concrete Technology particularly over the past two decades in India. Major areas of advancement includes Use of Chemical & Mineral admixtures, cementitious materials, Readymixed concrete, Plant & Machineries, Pumping of Concrete, Special Concrete, and so on. Beginning of Readymixed concrete industry in our country has helped the concrete industry to make use of all these materials effectively and triggering R & D in Special Concrete. Readymixed Concrete is available across many major & Tier-II cities across India. One of the major development happened in RMC industry is the launch of QCI Quality scheme for Certification of Ready mixed Concrete Plants. This Scheme is being specified in many projects across the country which is very encouraging development.

Major area for continual improvement is creating better awareness on basics & advancements made in the field of Concrete Technology among the Civil engineering fraternity. Let it be Practising Civil engineers or young Students, they need to be trained in order to take the industry to the next level in par with all developed Countries. Indian Concrete Institute - BC has done lot of work in this area and we will continue to take this work forward.

ICI-BC Team by adhering to the objectives of ICI, will Continue to focus on Membership drive in a big way, bridging the gap between Industry & Academia, activities in Student Chapters, Promotion of High Strength & High Performance Concrete, Creating better awareness on QA/QC, etc.

IWC-Innovative World of Concrete, a mega International event is tentatively scheduled to be held in Bengaluru in the month of Nov 2018. As you all know IWC is happening in Bengaluru after 25 years. We all need to work together to make this event a Grand Success.

All the above is possible only with the TEAM EFFORT. On behalf of ICI-BC, I request all ICI members to Volunteer to contribute in different Committees.

Thanking you all and looking forward for your advice and support in all ICI-BC activities.

Thanks & Regards
Ravishankar M
Chairman, ICI-BC